Smoking raises your risk of heart attack (19 Aug 06)

 Canadian researchers have determined that any exposure to cigarette smoke – smoking, chewing, second-hand smoke – is detrimental to health and can increase the risk of heart attack.

Researchers analysed information from over 52 countries (the data from 27,000 people was used) and even factored in diet and lifestyle (other factors that affect heart attack risk).  They found that “any form of tobacco use or exposure was harmful” and raised the risk of heart attack.

  • Moderate and heavy smokers increased their risk of heart attack 3-fold
  • Light smokers (2-10 cigarettes a day) increased their risk of heart attack 2-fold

The risk of heart attack still continued for moderate and heavy smokers even 20 years after they quit (around 2-fold), yet for light smokers, there was no further risk after 3-5 years of not smoking.

Exposure to second-hand smoke also increased the risk of heart attack in both former smokers and non-smokers!  People who were exposed to second-hand smoke for around 45 hours a week, had a 45% risk of heart attack!

Researchers also found that chewing tobacco doubled the risk of heart attack.

This research was published in the Lancet on 19 August 2006 (this link is to the summary, which is free for all to view – a subscription is required to view the full article).

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